Saturday, December 18, 2010

Something special

As the shoppers came in from the cold today and our morning class was leaving, it was exciting to watch as a mother and her two young daughters came in. They were there to pick out yarn for their Dad's gaitor (cowl) and the youngest daughter, around 9 years old, was picking out yarn to make a scarf for herself. She had just started to knit and was ready to advance to her own skein of yarn. We suggested Berroco Comfort worsted weight for the price as well as the flexibility of being able to wash and dry in the machine. She was so excited when she left. She was going home with a variegated ball to sit and knit with her mother this evening.

Another customer walked in near closing and immediately said hi to me. I knew I recognized her but couldn't place her. She told me that she had been the student nurse assigned to me this summer while having surgery. She had asked about a logo on my bag - the logo of the store and I had told her about the store and co-op. We had talked about her going back for her degree, though she had been a nurse for quite a while. She came in today to see what we were all about. She was particularly interested in some of the quilted items for purchase. She loved the tree skirt. She was thinking of it being a gift for her daughter who lives in Hawaii. Her daughter will be home for Christmas this year and she was thinking the snow scene on the tree skirt would give her little bit of New England to take back with her.

It is so much fun to hear about people's life stories. Everyone is so interesting!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Many More Days?

It has been unusually bitter cold the last few mornings here in the northeast. We understand there has been snow from the southern relatives south of Washington, D.C. Even the post office was closed today!

How is the holiday stitching going for you? For us, the march of time still beats on...

A pair of mittens to be completed... in Manos Maxima.

For those who have heard the saga in the store of the "husband" hat, here is the finished plain ol' watchcap that he loves. It is made out of our farm's merino/llama yarn in natural colors.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Picking Out the Right Gift...

Joanne's mitten and sock

Do you have any one on your holiday gift list that can be difficult to buy for? A cute little idea for a fast, quick gift item that can be used later as a ornament or a key chain is the little Mitten or stock key chain form. It comes with the pattern inside to stitch more than one. So for those who appreciate a little thoughtful piece of you, yet may not knit, this is perfect!
Gift certificates are available in any denomination. They may be used for any merchandise in the store or towards a class or workshop.
How is your holiday knitting going? Some of us are under more pressure than most. All our custom orders for the store are done. Now it is the deadline for the family and friends knitted gifts.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Stitch night

Stitch table before Stitch Night

Tonight is "Stitch Night" where stitchers come together around our table once a month to show us what is their work in progress, lament over a pattern and share the love of what we do. The holiday time is always exciting with people trying to finish up those last minute gifts. Some, like me, will be wrapping at the 11th hour and maybe even putting an I.O.U. in the box.
We all get inspired during these gatherings. One month a gentleman told me his wife was so excited when she got home that she couldn't sleep with ideas running through her head.
Feel free to join us, for a free fun fill evening from 6:30 to 8:30 PM, the second Monday night of the month!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Hype?

Today, I had someone withdraw from our newsletter stating that there was too much holiday hype among other unflattering comments. I had to chuckle. She had signed up for the newsletter herself, we didn't solicit her. My conclusion is she never physically visited the store and spent a few minutes talking to us. She has not experience our passion and love of fiber or the gift of giving a little of ourselves to each other.

Yes, we are a business. There are aspects of that side of Iron Horse that means we need to "advertise" some of the items and services we offer. We are most fortunate to have people from all races and religions visit our store. We have always been very respectful of peoples individual beliefs. If you know me at all, I will not allow the Christmas tree, the menorah or any other holiday decoration be displayed until after Thanksgiving, unlike other places where "holiday" music was playing in September. We do offer suggestions in our newsletter for gift giving ideas because no matter what your beliefs may be, it is a time of giving of one's self and a small materialistic gift might be how one expresses themself. Many people make gifts to give to love ones-family and friends.

There is nothing like the joy of watching someone open a small token from you, wanting to bring a little joy into their life. I received many tokens today. One was from a dear friend who recently had a life altering event happen to her and her family. She was having a bad day. She was in the store and as she left, she hugged me. I was most touched. We have hugged before but there was something about this hug that meant something special to both of us. Another one of those small tokens today was from someone, who through visiting our store has become my friend. She is loving, giving of herself and comes a distance to visit about once a month. Sometimes, we are busy with new "friends" to be able to sit and enjoy each other's company while she is here, but she has also given her heart to others in our coop. She always offers to help anyone in any way she can.

We have built a community. A place where we care about each other. It is not about the commercial aspects of the store. As we go forth preparing for this season of joyful celebration remember, a hug, a thank you and even a concern about a love one goes a long way. Thank you to all of you who have made Iron Horse in Natick a home away from home.

Happy Chanukkah to our Jewish friends as you celebrate the first night. Let the "oil" burn on.