Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

The dawn of a new year brings hopes, expectations and resolutions to make this year the best year. We have to comment about last year first. Last year was the first year in our new home in downtown Natick. The hard work, long days and nights and bringing in inventory, new co-op members instructors has had a wonderful response from all. We thank you for every day, not just once a year.

Thank you to our co-op members who help out in the store as well as bring us your beautiful hand crafted items for all to enjoy. When they are given as a gift or purchase for oneself, they are receiving something truly special. Their items are available throughout the year and they also welcome custom orders.

What is the new year bringing for you? The list of classes is on our website that are ones you have asked when they will be offered again or you have stated you are so glad they are still be offered. We learn as much from you as you learn from us! It helps to improve our teaching style.

New yarns for the new year have started to arrive. You have asked for more cotton and more luxury yarns and they are coming! We will still have the favorites also. Berroco Flicker is in the store now. A luxury yarn with alpaca and a tiny bit of glitz. Glitz and novelty yarns are coming back this spring, but they are not the novelty yarns of years past.

We have brought back out project of the month theme for those who have wanted to be inspired year round and not just in the summer to keep you motivated in the warm months. We have posted it in our newsletter but briefly it is a sweater called Amherst by Dolce Handknits. A fun, easy, fast, raglan top up cardigan with fun bottons. That will start Jan 3! The yarn we are using is Berroco Peruvia. I am making it out of Abusar If we don't have enough in stock we will custom order what you need. Berroco is so good at sending orders right out also.

We just introduced a new KAL (knit along) This was first suggested to us by Kate F. . She and I have the same taste in knitting and we both laughed when we showed each other the same pattern! It is knit side to side but using color work through out. We have a sample pattern in the store and will be ordering them and the Lamb's Pride yarn as a special order just for those who will be participating. We do request payment at the time of placing the order. This will be ongoing until one of us finishes it! Please join us Thursday mornings to stitch, bring it to stitch night the second Monday of the month or work on it at home.

There is so much more to talk about today but it is a day off for me and that means farm work. I am "skirting" fleeces today to get them ready to send off to the processors to have more natural color roving made.

FYI, thank you Kate, the date for the monthly spinning group is incorrect in the newsletter, it is Friday but the 28th not the 29th. That is what I get for not proofreading at a reasonable hour.