Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

For the record, I didn't take the wonderful photo of the fireworks.  A friend from Provincetown took it a few years back. She is a an amazing photographer.

The holiday, being in the middle of the week, doesn't give us much time to party, visit or relax but it is still wonderful that we celebrate on the actual holiday and not at the convenience of making it a Monday holiday for a three day weekend for some. Having two family members that share our nation's day of independence is pretty neat.  My brother in law thought as a child he was REALLY special because everyone celebrated. with fireworks even!

There was no work on my Windley this weekend.  So my goal was shot with holes but it is okay!  We had a surprise visit to the store and our home by my sister and her significant other from Maryland!  Imagine getting a call at 8 am call from ypour sister, listening to dogs barking-  WAIT - my sister doesn't have dogs... OMG!   Those are our dogs barking!  She was at the entrance gate to our farm.  They stayed for Sunday and Monday then left late last night to fly home. 

For those who have family close by, you are blessed.  We also had a surprise visit from Evie, who was in our cooperative of local artisans  years ago then moved to Philidephilia to be closer to her husband's job.  She and her husband decided to take a spur of the moment trip to New England.  We are blessed to have made some really wonderful friends through our cooperative and store.

Being an independent yarn store, we will be closed tomorrow only, opening again on Thursday. We hope to visit with family, pet our animals and say a silent t"hank you" to the men and women who fight for us every day for the independent our forefathers fought so hard to achieve. Happy 4th of July!


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