Saturday, June 30, 2012

Progressing along

It is hard to believe it is June 30.  Many have taken this coming week off to celebrate 4th of July which falls in the middle of the week.  Our store will be closed for the 4th but open Tuesday and then again bussiness as usal Thursday through Saturday.  It is a fun time of the year, helping people pick out projects for their upcoming trips, whether a day trip on a vacation of a few days.  We are thrilled when some come in looking for that perfect hand crafted item to take to a friend or a hostess.

Last night was our hand spinning gathering.  It was nice to see what people were working on.  We also played "guess what fiber this is" with Suzanne and Tracey.  Thanks to all the ladies who ventured out.

I am progressing along nicely with Windley.  Yesterday was the first day I have not progressed at least my 4 inches a day goal, but I am ahead of schedule so I can't complain.  My new goal is to have it completed by this coming Monday evening.  With the store closed both Sunday and Monday, except for skirting a few more fleeces, and dyeing more yarn from the farm, I should meet my goal.

The piece of new equipment for stitches you see my Lago yarn on in the photo is called a Yarn Buddy (double).  We used to have one of our artisan's husband make them for us and they were called syarn peed turners.  After your yarn is wound into a ball, you place the skein on the spindle.  The buddy has ball bearings underneath and so it will turn smoothly as you knit.  These are terrific for traveling also because the two pieces do not come apart.  I am knitting both sides of the front neckline at the same time so I need two balls- thus a double yarn buddy!.  We are thrilled to be one of the first brick and mortar stores to be carrying George's Yarn buddies.  He has made our first shipment in many different types of woods.  You are welcome to order an exotic wood yarn buddy also.  He has many in stock.

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