Saturday, June 16, 2012

Work in Progress

It seems anyone who works with their hands have "works" in progress.  Gardeners always have one more bulb to plant or weed to pull.  Painters have one more brush stroke to apply.  Knitters and crochets have one more stitch to bind off.

Above is my work in progress.  The three skeins of yarn are from our June hand dyed-hand painted fingering yarn of the month club. the work in progress is a beautiful shawl from Malabrigo 3 book.  It is using the hand painted skein as well as the tonal blue from our June club.  It is almost done!  The June club is closed but there will be a new group for July that one can choose from.

Also selected to go with the shawl is a beautiful hand crafted bracelet from one of our local artists.

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