Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Having fun!

For those who shop in small independently owned stores, whether it is a quilt shop, hardware store or yarn store, each has it's own personality and that is what makes you want to support them.

It is the same with each class or workshop we teach.  Each group becomes a support group, encouraging each other through the rough spots of their projects, encouraging each other to finish and when they slam a goal, the enthusiasm is overwhelming.  Many times if they are not already friends when they start, they are friends at the end of 6 weeks.  It is also a support group helping each other through life's challenges.  We are blessed that people feel they can come in here and are comfortable enough to share their lives with us.

Last night was the last meeting for our Tuesday night 6 week class.  Many will come back for our 4 week class running and some will go their own way for the summer. Many in our Tuesday group decided they wanted to make mittens.  They were not just any mittens either, they were Yarn Harlot's Cloisonne mittens, a pattern she sells through Ravelry and her own website.  Many of these women are beginner knitters but they were up for the challenge.  Patterns were purchased, needles were picked from the store and we gathered stash yarn, some from the store, some from each other and even more special some from "Nana" Hannah's stash who is no longer with us.

Not only did they learn how to make a mitten, they learned how to change colors AND they learned the magic loop technique.  Helene was not here to celebrate the finishing of mittens but we kept in touch texting while she was on her vacation.

As a mentor to this wonderful group, I am so proud of you!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help with your knitting journey.

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