Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Knitters are like fragile fragrant flowers

This is a picture of my magnolia bush that my daughter gave me for Mother's Day this year.  It is one of my favorite flowers with its heady sweet fragrance.  It is also one of the hardest plants to keep growing and blooming.  Many times it will just drop its buds and leaves and die.  Why?  I have found through the years of being given this wonderful plant and trying everything, that what it needs most is love and a little TLC with some patience..  It needs bright light, space with no drafts, encouragement with water and fertilizer and humidity with heat.  This is the first time I have received one with just buds and given it all the above ingredients and it is now rewards us with beautiful white flowers and fragrance throughout our home.

So how does this pertain to knitters and crocheters?  They are like the magnolia, at times fragile with their projects, needing encouragement, TLC and patience. Everyone learns differently.  Many have high expectations of themselves and some times us.  But with time, patience, TLC and encouragement we are rewarded with someone completing their project in class, wearing it proudly or giving it as a gift with a smile on their face. 

It has all been worth it!

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