Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Setting Goals

Life always has challenges for us.  We also create our own challenges.  Many times it is just setting goals for ourselves to achieve what we want. Summer time is a hard time to be creative for many stitchers, hand spinners of yarn and weavers because we are also creative in other ways and with great weather, vacations, gardening and children sometimes under foot it is hard to get everything done.

Two weekends ago I set a goal for myself. Being the owner of Iron Horse doesn't allow me much time to stitch for myself.  We have a great family vacation planned for the end of July and I really wanted to make some neat clothes to take to the hot climate of Florida.  I wanted to make Windley, a great pattern from Berroco out of one of their new yarns, Lago.  Lago is made of viscose and linen so I knwo it will be a cool garment and travel well.

As I casted on last Monday evening, my goal was to knit 4 inches a day until completed.  Every day I am measuring my progress.  I am thrilled to say at the moment Ihave surpassed my goal and have the back totally done and working on the front, which has a pleated end near the bust line so there are almost twice as many stitches on the front as the back.  If I keep this up, I hope to have it done in another week!  I will keep you posted. My color of choice is above and I am using one of Allie Loehlin's great yarn bowl to tame my yarn ball while knitting.

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