Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daily Routines

Today is a gorgeous day in Natick, MA and surrounding communitues.  Many of us who work at Iron Horse have a very quick commute to work;  I am one of them.  Today, I took the route to work that takes me past a beauitful pond that has a breeding pair of swans.  This year I have watched the pair produce four cygnets (baby swans).  For a few days I didn't see any of them swimming around.  That concerned me because the pond has snapping turtles who take the young as well as fox that will also take them.  Yesterday and today I have seen the pair and two of the babies.  There is something about the calmness of seening them glide across the pond as I am waiting in a long line of stop and go traffic to take a right at the stop light. It has become my rountine lately to look for them every morning and pleased when they are spotted.

I stop at a favorite coffee shop and they now know my preference of drink and how I like it.  It has become a routine. It is also my routine that every time a new person steps through the door of our store to greet  and welcome them.  It doesn't matter if it is the first time they are here or the 100th time.  We learn your name and your preferences to yarn, needles, patterns, hand crafted gifts and more.  It is our routine to make you feel special.

Stayed tune for prgress on Windley tomorrow.

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  1. I love being greeted by name whenever I stop by Iron Horse! Makes me think I'm back in Vermont again.